U.S. Economic Exceptionalism:
Can the reign continue?

Gain insights from Wilmington Trust’s investment management team on how they are navigating markets for the year ahead.

Wilmington Trust hit the road to bring home the 2024 Capital Markets Forecast. If you missed it, catch the highlights of a recent New York City event here, as CNBC Anchor at Large Sue Herera spoke to Chief Investment Officer Tony Roth, Head of Investment Strategy Meghan Shue, and Chief Economist Luke Tilley about the unfolding trends in this year’s outlook.  

Watch as our team unveils their market and economic expectations for the year ahead:

  • The makings of U.S. economic exceptionalism
  • U.S. stock market superiority
  • U.S. dominance: Risks & opportunities
  • Where the rubber will meet the (portfolio) road

Learn how these and other trends shape our outlook for 2024.

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