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Wilmington Trust

Consent to Receive Information Electronically (ESign)

Please carefully read this Consent to Receive Information Electronically (referred to as "ESign Consent"). It contains important information about how we will deliver information to you. Please print, download or otherwise retain a copy for your records.

We are required by law to provide certain information to you "in writing," which means you have a right to receive that information on paper. However, with your consent, we may provide this information to you electronically instead.

After you have read the information below, if you agree to receive Documents electronically, please accept and agree by checking the appropriate box at the bottom of the screen. Your consent will also apply to any other person named on your account, product, or service to the extent allowed under applicable laws.

The following terms will be used throughout this E-Sign Consent:

  • When we refer to "we," "us," "our," "ours", we mean the Wilmington Trust entity providing the Documents to you, whether Wilmington Trust, N.A., Wilmington Trust Company or M&T Bank or any subsidiary or affiliate thereof, and the Documents may be provided by any or all of such entities at any time. Wilmington Trust is a registered service mark used in connection with various fiduciary and non-fiduciary services, including trustee, custodial, agency, investment management, and other services offered to trust, individual, and institutional clients by certain subsidiaries of M&T Bank Corporation, including, but not limited to, Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company (M&T Bank), Wilmington Trust Company (operating in Delaware only) and Wilmington Trust, N.A.
  • When we refer to "you" and "your," we mean you, the individual(s) or entity(ies) authorized to access the accounts identified on the website.
  • When we refer to "Documents," we mean agreements (including the Wilmington Trust Digital Service Agreement, the Wilmington Trust Online Access Disclosure Agreement, the MBMS Online Access Agreement, and the On-Line Statements Disclosure), disclosures, notices, account statements, and any other information that we provide or make available to you electronically on the Sites. Please refer to the next paragraph for additional clarification and examples of Documents.

What Documents We Will Provide Electronically Instead of on Paper. You consent that we may provide to you, electronically, now and in the future, agreements, information, notices, account statements and disclosures about the Wilmington Trust Digital Service Agreement, Wilmington Trust Online Access Disclosure Agreement, MBMS Online Access Agreement, and On-Line Statements Disclosure, and products and services within the Wilmington Trust Digital Service, Online Service and this website. For example, we may send agreements (including, those listed above), disclosures, notices, account statements, transaction histories and changes to terms of any agreement we have with you, electronically. You also consent to our sending regulatory and other general notices and disclosures (e.g., our privacy policy) to you electronically.

However, your consent does not mean that we must provide Documents to you electronically. We reserve the right, at our option and in our sole discretion, to provide you with any Documents on paper if we choose. We also may require you to provide certain Documents to us on paper. When we allow you to deliver a specific Document to us electronically, we will provide you with instructions on how to do so.

Further, if your account(s) are not already set up for the electronic statements service through On-Line Statements and you want to receive account statements and tax documents electronically instead of by paper, you would also need to enroll in the On-Line Statements electronic statement service by contacting your Relationship Manager. Please see the On-Line Statements Disclosure for more information about electronic statement service.

How We Will Provide Documents Electronically. We may provide Documents to you electronically by display on our website or to an email address you provided to us. We may also provide you with notice via email or other electronic means that a Document has been posted to our website for your review.

Maintaining a Valid Email Address. You agree to provide us with, and maintain, a valid e-mail address to be used in connection with delivery of Documents electronically to you. You agree to promptly notify us of any changes to your email address by updating your information on the website or contacting your Relationship Manager.

Retain Copies for Your Records. We recommend that you print, download or otherwise retain a copy of all Documents we provide to you electronically, including this E-Sign Consent.

System Requirements. In order to access and retain Documents electronically, you must have the following hardware and software (collectively the "System Requirements"):

  • A personal computer or other electronic device and equipment that is capable of (a) accessing the Internet to review and retain the Wilmington Trust Digital Services Agreement (and other Documents), (b) sending and receiving email; and (c) printing copies of information from our website (if you want paper copies) or storing data (if you want to retain electronic copies).
  • A supported operating system and Internet web browser that are capable of supporting, at a minimum, JavaScript and 256-bit SSL encrypted communications.
  • An email address.
  • Software that permits you to receive, access and retain Portable Document Format or "PDF" files, such as Adobe® Reader® (available for download at http://www.adobe.com).View Sample PDF.

The list above describes minimum System Requirements. Please go to https://www.wilmingtontrust.com/systems for a description of optimal hardware and software that would best facilitate your use of Digital Service and Online Service. Please note that software that is not current (e.g., outdated Internet browser or outdated anti-virus program) may present higher security risks and may increase the risk of potential loss to you. If our System Requirements change, and that change creates a material risk that you would not be able to access or retain your Documents, we will give you notice of the revised System Requirements.

Paper Delivery Requests. After you agree to receive Documents electronically, we are not obligated to provide future Documents to you by paper delivery; rather, we are authorized to send to you such Documents electronically. You may withdraw your consent for receipt of Documents electronically as described below. At any time, you may request a paper copy of any Documents that we provide to you electronically via email by contacting your Relationship Manager. If you wish for us to electronically send you paper copies of any Documents, we will not charge you a separate fee for providing you with a printed copy of any Document.

How to Withdraw Your Consent to Electronic Documents. You may change your mind at any time and withdraw your consent to receive the Documents electronically by contacting us at 1-800-982-4620 or your Relationship Manager to inform him/her that you no longer wish to receive Documents electronically. You may also simply decline to sign a Document presented to you electronically. We will not impose any fee when you withdraw your consent. However, if you do withdraw your consent, we may terminate your Wilmington Trust Digital Service and Online Service relationship and any services which require Digital Services, Online Services and/or access to or use of the website.

Contacting Us and your Relationship Manager. You may contact your Relationship Manager if you have any questions, if you wish to request paper copies of any Documents or want to withdraw your consent to receive Documents electronically. Please refer to your account statements or our website for contact information for your Relationship Manager. You may also telephone us at 1-800-982-4620.

Acceptance and Consent. By selecting the check-box next to "I have read and accept the Consent to Receive Information Electronically (ESign)," you agree to the following:

  • I have read and understand the information above about the use of electronic Documents and signatures.
  • I consent to receive Documents electronically as outlined above. Please note that we do not have the ability to send to you all types of Documents electronically, but your consent enables us to send future Documents to you electronically as such Documents become available to send electronically.
  • I have the required software and hardware described above, and I have a valid email address.
  • I am able to receive, access, retain and view Documents electronically via the methods described above.
  • I am also providing consent for any other person named on my account, product or service and I am authorized to do so.


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