Prenuptial Agreements
Prenuptial Agreements
By: Kemp C. Stickney, Chief Fiduciary Officer

Ray Randall and Judy Desano are getting ready to tie the knot. Their union will result in what may be a typically complex family structure of this day and age:

This new union presents a number of issues that can be addressed with a prenuptial agreement. First of all, Ray's family wants to ensure that their family fortune and business interests will stay within the Randall family for years to come. Second, Ray wants to ensure that all of his children will be financially provided for when he passes on. He must have sufficient income to provide alimony to his ex-wives as well as child support. In short, Ray needs to protect his income and ensure against financial ruin in the event of a divorce from Judy. His track record with marriage makes this all the more crucial.

Judy and her children will be making quite a transition by moving into Ray's home. Ray would also like to send Judy's children to the private school his children attend.

Judy is concerned that her children might be adversely affected should the marriage end in divorce. It's in her best interest to go ahead and negotiate a potential post-marital settlement, even before the wedding.

The Randall-Desano marriage requires a comprehensive review to determine what the premarital agreement should include:

Potentially, Ray and Judy could draw up this prenuptial agreement themselves and have it witnessed by a local notary. However, given the complexity of the situation, it's certainly possible that something could be missed and then the agreement might not stand up in court. Under these circumstances, it is in the best interests of both parties to obtain separate counsel and have the agreement drawn up by professionals with expertise in family law.

Once the prenup has been signed, Ray and Judy can marry and begin their lives together without the worry or concern for the future that they might have encountered had they not planned ahead.

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