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Banking and Financing
Banking and Financing

Whether you're starting a new business or looking to grow and expand an established company, you'll find informative articles on a variety of topics including Banking and Financing, Corporate Financing, Employment Benefits, and Planning.

The Basics of Direct Deposit for Businesses  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Learn how your business can benefit from the efficiency of direct deposit.

Implementing a Cash Management Program for Your Business  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Find out if implementing a cash management program is right for your business.

Case Study: The Benefits of Direct Deposit  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Find out how direct deposit can benefit your business by referring to this case study.

How to Evaluate and Select a Franchise  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Learn how to determine which type of franchise is the right investment for you.

Small Company, Big Aspirations: financing your business succession  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Are you prepared to pass your business on to the next generation?

Financing Techniques for Legal Professionals  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Make the right borrowing decisions for your firm to help ensure the success of your business.

A Prescription for Success  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Start your medical or dental practice on the path to success by being aware of the financing issues.

Help for Small Business Owners  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Whether you already own a business or are just starting out, it is essential to know which resources are available to you.

Pros & Cons of Hiring an Outside Investment Manager  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Is hiring a money manager the best option for your company?

Lending Options for Small Businesses: How to Get the Money You Need  
Updated: 01/01/2013
How can you help your dreams for your small business become a reality?

Letters of Credit  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Looking for more security with your business transactions?

Mezzanine Financing for Middle Market Companies  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Is your company looking to grow but can not find senior debt financing to do so?

Taking the Right Steps to Obtain Business Credit  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Make the most of your next financing meeting by being prepared and knowing what to bring to the table.

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Franchises  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Is opening a franchise the right business opportunity for you?

Case Study: Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs  
Updated: 01/01/2013
When it comes to starting your business, learn about the various strategies you can utilize.

Selling Your Small Business  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Is it time to develop an exit strategy for your business?

Case Study: Starting a Successful Business  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Read an example of how two aspiring restaurateurs started their business.

The A-B-Cs of Structuring Commercial Loans  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Learn about the various forms and names of commercial loans.

Surviving Aggressive Growth  
Updated: 01/01/2013
Your business is booming - how do you take it to the next level?

Understanding Loan Covenants  
Updated: 01/01/2013
When securing financing for your business, it is critical to understand all of the terms of your loan agreement.

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