Are you ready to play a role?
Personal trusts are increasingly popular wealth management and estate planning tools. Driven by the nation's growing affluence and the desire to protect and pass on wealth, growing numbers of people are creating trusts to help them manage their money and their legacy.

For financial advisors like you, this represents a significant opportunity. Thanks to your intimate understanding of your clients' investment goals and your proven expertise in building and managing investment portfolios, you are the ideal choice to manage your clients’ assets when they put them in trust.

Wilmington Trust works with financial advisors to offer trust services that preserve the advisor-client relationship. Under our advisor-friendly business model, we handle administrative duties for your clients' trusts and also serve as the legal trustee. You continue to manage and custody the assets held in those trusts.

Our experience is your advantage
Wilmington Trust has been in partnership with the financial advisor community for a long period of time.

Our vast experience helps us to ensure you'll be able to meet your clients' needs efficiently and effectively. In fact, many banks and other financial institutions, rather than operate their own trust departments, contract with us to provide trustee and trust administration services for them.

Build your business now
With us as your partner, helping your clients establish personal trusts no longer means losing business. Instead, it becomes an opportunity to broaden and deepen your relationship with them by offering trust services. Whether your clients are establishing new trusts or transferring existing trusts, we can help.