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Value - The current price of the security multiplied by the number of shares one owns. If one owns 1000 shares of Apple Computer, and the shares are selling for $25, the value would be $25,000.

Value at Risk - The probability of loss from a position, typically calculated using a 95 or 99% confidence interval over a holding period of one to ten days.

Value Date - The official date on which a sum of funds is transferred and available.

Value of a Basis Point - The methodology which calculates the change in present value of a financial instrument(s) resulting from a one basis point change in interest rates.

Value Stock - A stock perceived by the marketplace to be undervalued based on criteria such as its price-to-earnings ratio, price-to-book ratio, dividend yield and/or other fundamental factors.

Variable - Investment return that changes over time due to market, business and industry performance.

Variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR) - For loans, an annual percentage rate that is tied to the movement of a financial index, such as the prime rate or Treasury bond rates.

Variable Annuity - The combination of an annuity contract with an investment company account, which may generate variable investment returns.

Variable Interest Rate - An interest rate on a loan or line of credit that may change over time, usually based on changes to an agreed upon index such as a Treasury security rate.

Volatility - The fluctuations in the price of a stock or other type of security. If the price of a stock is capable of large price movements, it is said to have high volatility.

Volume - The number of shares of a security traded during a stated period of time.

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